Alpine Innovations Men's Bino Bandit Binocular Cover, Stealth Shadow, One Size

Alpine Innovations Men's Bino Bandit Binocular Cover, Stealth Shadow, One Size

  • PERFECT ACCESSORY: Whether you're a bird watcher, hunter, or nature enthusiast, the Bino Bandit by Alpine Innovations is one accessory you will want to add to your gear. This binocular shield blocks peripheral light from interfering with your vision.
  • EASY: The cloth material is super comfortable on your face and won't interfere with the fit of your binoculars. Installation is also super easy. The universal fit of the Bino Bandit secures around your binocular's eyepieces.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: The water resistant material acts as a barrier to prevent rain, wind and mist from blocking your vision while exploring in the wild. If condensation forms on your lenses, you can fold the Bino Bandit forward for venting.
  • IMPROVE YOUR VISION: The Bino Bandit binocular shields are great for improving your vision and reducing eye strain. Stay out in the field longer without feeling the fatigue on your eyes, or the damage that direct sunlight can bring.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Alpine Innovations' Bino Bandit is made from fabric and designed to fit most binoculars. The super comfortable and weather blocking materials protect your eyes and keep you in the field longer. Binoculars not included. Made in USA.

Our patented bino bandit is made to fit all binoculars. The innovative design completely blocks ambient light and weather. Designed to reduce eye strain and improve visual acuity, the bandit is made with flexible neoprene that friction-fits behind the eye cups. 100% neoprene.

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 15.99

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